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Lee Solt

Lee Solt

Dark Arts Consulting is a veteran owned and operated company. We take great pride in our “military-like” precision in the planning and execution of all of our operations. Having served and fought in Desert Storm the pressures of managing and delivering on a multi-facetted technology operations is a walk in the park for us.

Our “esprit de corps” is infectious when it comes to your technology operations.

We are a strong believer in:

You get what you inspect… NOT what you expect! 

We will examine your environment and identify and apply a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) methodology in describing your operations. This tried and true method helps to reduce surprises.

With your SWOT analysis in hand, we will sit down with you during the design and implementation of Focus Works and develop a complete set of policies and procedures that will help you structure your IT operations. Detailed project plans will set guidelines and deliverables that you will then be able to set expectations around.

You would not expect your accountant to haphazardly perform your accounting activities, why should you expect anything less from your technology group?

We also practice doing the “right thing”. If that means staying late to provide additional training or waking up early to reboot a server, then that is what we will do.

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